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Ambien is a drug of category anxiety medications and it has the salt name Alprazolam as generic meds. This medication is used to maintain anxiety disorders and panic disorders.

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What is Ambien?

AMBIEN-10mg ( sedative-hypnotic) is sleep medicine. Buy Ambien online to treat insomnia, a condition that causes trouble falling asleep. This medicine is not recommended to be used by children younger than 18 years.

AMBIEN (C-IV) is a federally restricted substance. Therefore can be misused or become dependent. It should be kept in a secure place to avoid misuse and abuse. It is illegal to sell or give away AMBIEN dosage. In case, you are a recovering addict or abuser of alcohol, prescription drugs, or street drugs, tell your healthcare provider.

Falled Ambien tablets

Ambien aka Zolpidem can treat insomnia in adults. It helps people who have difficulty falling asleep to fall asleep quicker, which can help them get a better night’s sleep. Zolpidem is a sedative-hypnotic drug. It calms your brain and produces a calming effect.

Ambien: How to Use It

Before you begin taking Zolpidem, and every time you refill, make sure you read the Medication Guide. Ask your pharmacist or doctor if you have any questions. As recommended by the doctors, intake of this medicine should be on an empty stomach. Popular consumption of this med is one dose per night. 

What is Buy Ambien Online used for?

Zolpidem is fast-acting so take it before you go to bed. It will not work as fast if you take it after eating. If you are unable to get a full night of sleep, do not take this drug. You may experience memory loss if you need to get up earlier than that. This could make it difficult to do any activity that requires alertness such as driving or operating machinery. See also the Precautions section.

How does Ambien dosage work?

Your gender, age, medical condition, response to treatment, and gender are all factors that affect the dosage. Do not increase the dose, use it more frequently, or take it longer than directed. You should not exceed 10 mg per day. Because the drug is metabolized more slowly in women than it is in men, a lower dose is usually recommended for them. To reduce side effects, older adults will usually be prescribed a lower dose. You may experience withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramps. Your doctor may reduce your dose gradually to help you avoid withdrawal. If you have taken zolpidem long-term or in high doses, withdrawal is more likely. If you experience withdrawal symptoms, tell your doctor immediately.

Is Ambien addictive?

Although it is beneficial for many, this medication can sometimes lead to addiction. If you are suffering from a substance abuse disorder, such as addiction or overuse of drugs/alcohol, this risk could be greater. To lower your chance of becoming addicted, you should follow the instructions. For more information, consult your pharmacist or doctor. This medication may not work well if it is taken for too long. If this medication is not working, talk to your doctor. If your condition persists for more than 7-10 days or worsens, tell your doctor.

How to get off Buy Ambien Online?

After stopping taking the medication, you may experience difficulty sleeping for the first few nights. This is known as rebound insomnia. It is normal. It usually disappears within 1-2 days. Contact your doctor if the symptoms persist.


People have rarely been able to get out of bed after taking this drug (” sleeping driving”). Some people have even been able to sleepwalk, prepare/eat food, and make phone calls while they are not awake. These people often forget about these events. This can lead to serious (possibly fatal!) consequences for you and others. If you discover that you have engaged in any of these activities following the medication you should immediately inform your doctor. If you experience an allergic reaction to this medication, or any similar medication (eszopiclone, zaleplon), you should stop taking this medication.

Can you overdose on Ambien?

Call 911 if someone is suffering from severe symptoms like passing out or trouble breathing. If you have any other concerns, contact a poison control center immediately. Call 1-800-222-1222 to reach your local poison control center in the USA. Residents from Canada can contact a provincial poison control center. Overdose symptoms include slow breathing and deep sleep that you are unable to wake from.   


It is strictly prohibited to share this medicine with anyone around. Sharing this medicine is against the law so, buy Ambien online responsibly.

Your sleep patterns may change as you age and maybe disrupted multiple times per night. Talk to your pharmacist or doctor to find out how you can improve your sleep then buy Ambien online.

Missed Dose   

Do not take a missed dose unless you are able to sleep for 7-8 hours.   


It is recommended to keep this medicine at room temperature, away from moisture and light. Avoid storing in the bathroom. Make sure children and pets stay clear of the medicines.   

Do not flush or pour medications down the drain if not instructed. This product should be properly disposed of once it has expired or is no longer required. Talk to your pharmacist, or your local waste disposal company.

Who makes Ambien?

Each tablet of 5mg contains a 5mg zolpidem tartrate active substance. Each tablet 10mg contains 10mg of zolpidem tartrate active substance. Other ingredients in Zolpidem 5mg tablets and 10mg tablets are:

  • lactose monohydrate
  • titanium dioxide (E171)
  • microcrystalline cellulose
  • magnesium stearate
  • macrogol 400
  • hypromellose
  • sodium starch glycollate

Is Ambien a controlled substance?

Under the Controlled Substance Act of 1970, Ambien was listed as a Controlled Substance in Schedule IV. It became a generic medication in 2007. The US approved Ambien dosage for medical use before the 2000s. Talking about the present day, Ambien makes approx. 10 million prescriptions are handed out every year making it one of the most prescribed meds for sleeping disorders. So now you can buy Ambien online.

Is Ambien a narcotic?

Ambien dosage does not come under the category of narcotic.  Ambien is both a sedative-hypnotic drug and a depressant.  It can cause addiction, but it interacts with the brain much as narcotics.

How to buy Ambien online?

To buy Ambien online visit and follow these steps:

  • In the category section click Anxiety.
  • Then find the Ambien image and click the image.
  • There select the quantity you require and filling the payment method. 
  • Send us your address and wait for your order confirmation.
  • As soon as you get the confirmation your med will be on its way to you. 
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